Thursday July 21, 2005

The Ocumare Criollo has been selling so well that we have having keeping enough in. We will probably be out for about a month, but it is hard to tell. Now, that does not mean we are out of Cocoa beans, or even good Cocoa beans.

If you are getting some for snacking, I really like the Carenero Superior. I have mentioned this before, but they are not the prettiest beans, but they are clean and have a nice bright friutiness. They also have a great complex flavor after lightly roasting them.

For making chocolate, the Carenero is great, but can be a little delicate to work with if it is your first time. The Ghana on the other hand is very forgiving and rewards your efforts with a great deep chocolate flavor, with hints of dry leather and a touch of vanilla. It is good for snacking, but being a smaller cocoa bean, it is a little difficult to peel.

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[Sat 09:41] eli tubman email ~
We are very interested in purchasing large quantities of cocoa beans from Togo.Please put us in touch with companies or individuals that selll/export cocoa beans from Togo.If you do, please contact us. regards, E.Tubman W S int'l 301-565-0943 Email:
[Wed 12:40] sal ~ site
guys, i'm interested in starting a part time home based business making chocolates. However, i don't want to bother with extracting the cocoa from the bean until much later.

Is this possible or just a dream that wouldn't get off the ground. How would I start?

SC Oak Ridges, ON Canada

Monday July 18, 2005

It is not really chocolate, but I have received enough requests, that I finally had to put a batch of White Chocolate on. It was very simple. The only piece of equipment you need is the Santha Wet Grinder. Just combine the following:

Homemade White Chocolate

26 oz Cocoa Butter
25 oz White Sugar
22 oz Dry milk powder
1 t vanilla extract

I put all the dry items into a 150 F oven for about a hour, then slowly combined them and the vanilla in the Santha Wet Grinder and let it refine for about 8 hours.

I then got a little creative with molding as you can see above.

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[Mon 12:55] Daryl Bottema email ~
Hello Everyone, This is my test message as requested from my acceptance email. I am a true chocoholic and am very interested to become a chocolatier. This site is so very useful in my research.

Daryl Bottema

Thursday July 14, 2005

Our ordering server will be down until tomorrow, Friday July 15, for a face lift and massage. You can drop me a note at if you really want to place an order, and I will do it by hand.

Thanks for understanding

Alchemist John

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Tuesday July 12, 2005

We now have a number of chocolate molds, including the custom logo mold above. You can see them directly on the Molds page or through Products.

BTW, I have noticed a number of "blank" orders come through lately. We have double and triple checked the system and it appears to be working. When you order, make sure you have actually added the items you want (page 2 of 3) and that they show up on page 3 when you submit the order. If you don't see them, I won't see them. Thanks.

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Wednesday July 6, 2005

The ordering system will be off-line for a few hours today for maintenance. If you find the system gives you an error, or a "page not found", please try back later.

And just to give you a few things that have been happening here, we just received our order of various molds. There are hearts, truffles, bar molds and some really beautiful half egg shapes that are great to use for making filled chocolates. I am taking the photos of all that now, and should have them up and available in a few days.

Also, arriving any day, I should have a Sharp Wet grinder to start testing, modifying and evaluating. Sharp is interested in making the air flow modification at the factory, depending on my work and reviews.

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