Deep flavored chocolate - 70% cocoa

It really does not get any simplier than this. But, OH what a flavor. I reminds me of any number of varietal "dark chocolates" out there. This formulation will make about 2 pounds of chocolate.

If you decide to adjust the recipe, some of the proportions my need to be recalculated as there are both percentage losses (about 20-25% husk) and gross losses (always 4-6 oz in the Champion) that will need to be accounted for. In general, it is much easier to scale up than down.


  • 2.5 lbs Carenero Superior (of course you can use others, this is my favorite)
  • 12 oz sugar (powdered yourself to save time)
  • That's it - Simplicity itself

  • Roast the cocoa beans until cracking well. I do this in a drum roaster, 350 F for 15 minutes. The oven will work also.
  • Crack and winnow the beans - you should have about 2.0 lbs of nibs remaining.
  • Grind in your Champion juicer.
  • Place your Cocoa liqueur in your Santha Wet Grinder. Slowly add the 10 oz of sugar into the melted cocoa liqueur while the Santha is running. I find it helpful to pre-heat both the Santha drum to about 150 F and the sugar. It helps keep the chocolate of thickening up too much. Run the Santha until the chocolate is of the smoothness you desire. I find 10-14 hours is about right. Your tastes may vary. If you pre-grind your sugar in a small food processor or coffee grinder (about 2 minutes work), you can usually reduce refining time by 3-4 hours.
  • After it is out of the Santha temper and mold up your chocolate into the shape of your choice.
  • Place into a cool, dry place to solidify and then unmold, ususally about 24 hours later to be safe. This can be done in a refrigerator if you wish.
  • Let the chocolate rest for another 24 hours before eating (well, eat it earlier, but it does benefit from the rest).